Computer Animation II Project Three Modeling a Train

Project 3 Handout Sheet


This project shows a common “additive” polygon modeling work process, wherein a complex object made up of many shapes is modeled in many separate peices, which all are put together at the end to form the finished piece.

Specifically, students learn about pivot points, gain confidence in all aspects of manipulating polygonal components (faces, vertices, edges), use the insert edge loop tool, learn about layers, learn about freeze transformations, and more.

As well, a basic lighting, camera, and material set-up, and render with shadows and reflections is shown.  Students become familiar with creating shadows by turning on “refractions” in the material node, the light node, and inside the render settings box.  Students also manipulate the camera background through the “environment” box, and learn about realistic shadow colors.

Above student work examples from Omar Hammad, spring 2012.


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